You have special requirements? We have the solutions!

Products - Laboratory accessories and special devices

You have special requirements? We have the solutions!

We offer you an exclusive selection of devices and tools used in quality assurance and smoke laboratories as well as equipment to specifically support your research and development.

Special attention to specific requirements

Borgwaldt KC develops and manufactures high-tech products based on the newest findings and the latest measurement methods. We are always improving our portfolio while including all the latest market developments and innovations.

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Our portfolio of laboratory accessories and special devices

Special devices and laboratory tools are required for several factors involved in the testing and development process. Our portfolio offers you special smoke traps, product development devices and various other solutions. Please use the filters below to select the right data for your application and find the right device or tool for your products or laboratories.

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The vacuum pump is used to generate a puff by means of a piston vacuum pump to support the ignition process for ASTM test E2187 (test method for measuring the ignition strength of a cigarette).

The vacuum pump is used to generate a puff for lighting a cigarette.

The Burghart CMB-120 Cigarette Maker is a laboratory unit which has been designed to fill automatically cut tobacco samples into cigarette tubes (with or without filter). Cigarettes without filter produced on the CBM-120 comply with the ISO standard 15592-3 for the preparation and further analysis of fine cut tobacco (FCSA).

The CMB-120 turns cut tobacco samples into cigarettes in an automatic and trouble free process. The prepared tobacco blend is fed from the hopper by a plucking roller of the integrated weighing cell and portioned according to the stipulated weight. The plucking process is carried out up to three times to insure that the dose is absolutely precise (precision +/- 10 mg). Two cheek plates are shaping the tobacco rod - at the same time, the cigarette tube is selected by the tube lifter from the magazine, opened by vacuum and held in position. The actual filling process now begins. The special spiral feed system controls the tobacco density in the tube (e.g. for a reinforeced head). After approximately 1 1/4 minute production time, the cigarette leaves the unit and is placed in a collection tray.

The CReSS Pocket is a portable and autonomous version of the widely used CRess Lab (Clinical Research Support System for Laboratories) reference system. This battery-powered device automatically measures parameters or characteristics of smoking behavior, including date, time, start and end of smoking, puffs per cigarette, amount of cigarettes, and cigarette duration.

Researchers can collect behavioral data over several weeks in the smoker's natural environment. Measurements are collected and stored in the built-in memory for up to four weeks at a time. The stored data can be easily downloaded to a Windows® computer. An integrated verification process ensures the confidentiality and reliability of the data and restricts unauthorized access.


The electrostatic precipitation unit HV1 allows the user to collect smoke condensate and aerosols derived from cigarettes, cigars and next generation products like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products (HTP’s). The collected condensate and aerosol is removed from the trap easily for further analytical treatment. It is especially recommended for the determination of metal residues.

1. LIP test paper - LIP CAN

“LIP CAN” is a paper designed specially for the testing of Fire Standard Compliant (FSC) cigarettes.

“LIP CAN”, developed by the company Tervakoski Oy located in Finland, meets the requirements of the test method ISO 12863/2010E and provides an alternative to Whatman No. 2 filter paper.

A test performed by an independent accredited laboratory has shown that “LIP CAN” gave similar test results like Whatman No. 2 and no significant differences have occurred. Utilizing both substrates in parallel 400 samples of NIST Monitor SRM 1082 have been tested on each substrate. The overall result of full length burn rate was reported with 90,25% using Whatman No. 2 and 89,25% using LIP CAN. This is a difference of less than 1% which is in the nature of the test and the sample."

“LIP CAN”`s innovative packaging contains 980 round sheets tabbed into 10 sheet units facilitating the working procedure by eliminating the necessity of counting the sheets individually.

“LIP CAN” is an ideal supplement for the semi-automated ignition propensity tester IP10 and your individual ignition propensity tests.

As a worldwide distributor Borgwaldt KC will be pleased to provide you with more information about “LIP CAN”.

A device used to determine the puff profile in smoking machines in accordance with the requirements of the ISO standard 7210, paragraph 4. The Puff Recorder can record other puff profiles as well.
The device saves the measured values and transmits them to the PC via RS 232 interface.
The software included in delivery processes puff profile data and then displays the data in graphs or tables.

The measured values can also be used in the form of an Excel table in other MS Office applications. The Puff Recorder can be connected to all of the common Borgwaldt KC smoking machines.

Six different soap bubble flow meters are available as external accessories for the smoking machines:

Soap bubble flow meter 35 ml is used to set and test the puff volume during routine analysis. It is sufficient for the standard ISO puff volume of 35 ml.
With the soap bubble flow meter 40 - 80 ml a puff volume between 40 - 80 ml is measured, e.g. suitable to check the puff volume of Massachusetts and Canada regimes.
The 55ml soap bubble flow meter is used to set and test the puff volume during intense and for NGP analysis.
The soap bubble flow meter 150 ml is used as a testing instrument for puff volumes in the range of 0 - 150 ml. The measuring range of 150 ml is divided into four sub-ranges, ensuring high resolution and relative precision.
Beside that Borgwaldt KC also offer two soab bubble flow meters to check high volumina for example for Direct-to-lung or waterpipe analysis. The available measuring ranges are 300 - 620 ml and 480 - 1.000 ml.

The units are characterized by simple operation as well as quick and precise measurement.

The time counter is used as an external accessory to check puff duration, puff pause and piston sweep time on smoking machines as well as button activator timings on vaping machines. The German DAkkS confirms the accuracy of the time counter by a certificate.

The CO-Analyzer C24-2 was developed to automatically determine the carbon monoxide content of a gas sample. The nondispersive infrared absorption (NDIR) method is used to determine the carbon monoxide (CO) concentration of the gaseous phase in percent by volume (%vol) or milligram/cigarette (mg/cig.). The CO-Analyzer C24-2 complies with the international standards ISO 8454 and ISO 20774 (offline method)

CO is absorbed in separate receiving chambers and then converted to temperature pulses. This pulsed volume flow is transformed to electric signals by the micro flow sensor.

Measurement is not continuous. A filled gas collection bag is connected and the sample parameters are entered, then automatic nullification with ambient air occurs. The measurement is conducted and the CO gas content in mg/cigarette or volume % is automatically shown on the integrated display.

C24-2 is a suitable device for all Borgwaldt KC smoking machines not capable of being configured with an integrated CO module.

Integrated NO / NOx- Analyzer for rotary smoking machines available.  

Several of the nitric oxide compounds are toxic components of cigarette smoke. In that aspect it has been an essential element in the determination of smoke analysis. Although the analysis has initially been an element of the product development, at the present day it is increasingly integrated in the routine analysis.

Borgwaldt KC, in collaboration with a leading analyzer-manufacturer and several partner laboratories, has developed a NO/NOx-analysis system.

The analysis system functions without additional smoke treatments such as dilutors or dosing units. It offers the option to determine the NO- and NOx amount in the mainstream smoke for each individual puff, each cigarette or the complete smoke run. The results are displayed in mg per puff, cigarette or run.

As a logical expansion of the product portfolio the rotary smoke machines RM20M, RM20H2, RM200A2 and RM400A2 are initially available with this option. The RM20H2, RM200A2 and RM400A2 are equipped with an integrated module while the desk top model RM20M features an external solution.

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