LM4E Modular Vaping Machine

The LM4E is able to run 4 samples in parallel. Puffing parameters are freely selectable as well as the position of the sample which is adjustable to any angle from horizontal to vertical. The free adjustable sample support keeps the test specimen in the right position. The LM4E generates aerosol from any kind of e-cigarette.

Each port  is equipped with a button activator and optional with an aerosol detector.

• Desktop Instrument, operated via HMI
• 4 ports -1 syringe
• Hinged vaping bar
• 44 – 92 mm Cambridge filter
• Open design
• Various trappings systems
• Button activation system
• Aerosol detector (optional)

This linear vaping module is also available as 1 port version LM1E.

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