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Smoking Machine LX20

The LX20 is a member of Borgwaldt KC's family of linear smoking instruments. The way of  user setup, operation, flexibility and maintenance make the LX family a very user friendly linear smoker, addressing many of the time consuming tasks normally associated with linear smoking with simplified or automated setup operations.

The LX20, with its twenty individually controlled syringes essentially makes this instrument twenty LX1’s. With this unmatched level of flexibility the LX20 provides capabilities previously not possible in a single smoke run. Up to 20 different regimes can be smoke simultaneously and these can be randomized across the 20 ports. 

The LX20 can of course provide all on the standard smoking configurations from 20 ports of ISO3308 smoking 35ml volume/2 sec duration/60 sec interval or simultaneously smoking of 5 ports each of ISO3308 35/2/60 & Canadian intense 55/2/30 & Massachusetts 45/2/30 and Bidi 35/2/15. But the flexibility does not end there, with individual ports the groups of 4 ports smoking a specific regime do not have to be grouped into consecutive ports, but can be randomly spread across the whole 20 ports, so providing true randomized smoking as detailed in the smoking standards.

The LX20 is also available for e-cigarettes.

Additional information to this instrument is provided in our Opens internal link in current windowdownload section.

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