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Smoking Machine LM4

The 4 port smoking machine LM4 belongs to our modular smoking machine series. It consists of the high performance piston pump PM1 and the smoking unit.

The LM4 is designed to smoke conventional cigarettes under ISO and intense conditions but also by the parameter setting of the user. The module fulfills all requirements of ISO 3308. It is airflow controlled and allows the usage of all common trapping systems like Cambridge Filter, Impinger, Electrostatic Precipitation and gas collection systems.

The robust piston pump PM1 is the center piece of the 4 port smoking machine LM4 with the installed software, which is used to register samples, to run the analysis, to display results and an integrated Ethernet interface which serves to transmit the measured values to an external PC. It is controlled via a touch screen interface and can be connected easily to other units of our modular smoking machine series .

This linear cigarette module is also available as 1 port version LM1 and as 2 port version LM2.

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