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Smoking Machine LM2X-Photo-TOF-MS

In cooperation with the Photonion GmbH Borgwaldt KC has developed a new smoke analyzer for the quantitative puff-by-puff-resolved characterization of selected chemical species in the mainstream cigarette smoke.

Photonion has developed a new on-line real-time measuring system for the chemical analysis of cigarette smoke. In cooperation with Borgwaldt KC, a Photonion Photo-TOFMS smoke analyzer with a special electron beam pumped rare gas excimer photo-ionization light source (EBEL) was integrated to a Borgwaldt LM2X 2-channel smoking machine. The first smoking channel of the LM2X is connected to the Photo-TOFMS analyzer for on-line analysis, while the second channel allows standard reference off-line analysis using a Cambridge filter pad or other sampling devices.

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