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Ignition Propensity Tester IP10

The IP10 provides a semi-automated testing environment for the measurement of Low Ignition Propensity (LIP) conformance in accordance with the ASTM E 2187 and ISO 12863 standards.

The IP10’s automated testing ensures that evaluation of the pass or fail criteria are fully repeatable not just on a daily basis, but also week to week, user to user and location to location.With the automated lighting, measuring and recording of results, the workload on the operator is significant decreased so allowing more simultaneous tests to be performed by the same operator.

The IP10 is also integrated with the capability of performing burn-rate/free-burn testing, delivering an automated measurement in 0.1 second and 0.1mm resolutions.

The IP10 is able to run cigarettes with a diameter of 4.5mm to 9mm and a length of up to 120mm. The position of the termination point is displayed with a resolution of 0.1mm.  

Additional information to this instrument is provided in our download section.

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