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Soap Bubble Flow Meter

Three different soap bubble flow meters are available as external accessories for the smoking machine:

Soap bubble flow meter 35 ml is used to set and test the puff volume during routine analysis. It is sufficient for the standard ISO puff volume of 35 ml.
With the soap bubble flow meter 40 - 80 ml a puff volume between 40 - 80 ml is measured, e.g. suitable to check the puff volume of Massachusetts and Canada regimes.

The soap bubble flow meter 150 ml is used as a testing instrument for puff volumes in the range of 0 - 150 ml. The measuring range of 150 ml is divided into four sub-ranges, ensuring high resolution and relative precision.

The units are characterized by simple operation as well as quick and precise measurement. A Certificate of "Deutsches Eichamt" is delivered for the 35 ml and 40 - 80 ml soap bubble flow meters.

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