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Analytical Vaping Machines LM1E / LM5E

The LM5E offers aerosol collection from all kinds of e-cigarettes, vaporizers and heated tobacco systems (HTPs). The LM5E is a member of our modular smoking machine series (MSM) but can be considered as standalone unit as well. It consists of the high performance piston pump unit PM1 with a pre-installed software which allows to register the samples, to run the analysis, to display results and finally to create trend charts. The LM5E vaping bar provides 5 ports with fully adjustable support options for all sizes and formats of e-cigarettes, vaporizers and tobacco heated systems. 

The LM5E fulfills all requirements of ISO 20768:2018 Vapor products — Routine analytical vaping machine — Definitions and standard conditions.

This linear vaping module is also available as 1 port version LM1E.

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