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BT Oven F21

The F21 is a fully automatic measuring device for determining the moisture content of cut rag, cigarettes or tobacco foils.

The moisture content is calculated automatically by determining the differential weight of the sample before (gross) and after (net) weighing. The tobacco is dried in a convection process.

A sample container is filled with a quantity of tobacco, and the gross weight is calculated. Then the closed sample container is moved into the measuring device and dried with a hot air for a defined period of time. When the drying time is complete, the net weight is determined, then moisture is calculated.

The unit's functions are all automatic. The measuring parameters are entered via easy-to-use menus. Also, set drying programs are stored in the software.

Temperature/time combination*:

  • 104 °C/5 min
  • 104 °C/11 min
  • 116 °C/9 min

*User can define temperature/time combinations.

Additional information to this instrument is provided in our download section.

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