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Diffusivity Tester A50

The measuring principle of our new Diffusivity Tester A50 is based on the diffusivity of two gases (N2 and CO2) through the cigarette paper. While the diffusion of N2 in CO2 is guided to the exhaust, the volume of CO2 diffusion into N2 is analyzed with a standard CO2 Analyzer.

As diffusivity is very sensitive to environmental pressure Borgwaldt KC decided to equip the Diffusivity Tester with a non-pressurized system. The two gases are passed not directly from the gas tanks to the division chamber, but are stored temporarily in gas collecting bags.  From there the gas flow through the division cell is controlled by two high precisions syringes.

The measuring head the paper is placed in for the diffusivity test is based on the well known A10 and A20 head design. Minor changes have been done to make this head suitable for diffusivity testing.

To support a fully automatic measurement sequence a paper tractor is integrated into the measuring head.

Additional information to this instrument is provided in our download section.

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