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Hardness Tester H37



The H37 is the latest measuring device for automatic determination of group hardness of cigarettes and filter rods.

The H37 offers a new hopper system (up to 250 samples) which places the sample precisely on the sample belt to ensure always the correct measurement position. The transportation of the test specimens is totally controlled by using new designed sensors.

To determine hardness, 10 objects to be measured are weighted with two parallel measuring rods for a set time. The ratio of the remaining height of the objects and the original diameter indicates the hardness (Borgwaldt hardness). Samples with a length between 60 and 150 mm and diameters from 4,5 to 9,0 can be handled by the H37.

Equipped with modern control system , the H37 is controlled via touch screen PC and offer USB port and Ethernet connection for fast and easy data transmission and handling. The graphical touch sensitive display, aids the user in the daily operation of the instrument from measurements, calibration, test results and interfacing to external outputs.

Additional information to this instrument is provided in our download section.

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