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Densimeter D61A2

The D61A2 is the next generation of measuring device for automatic determination of filling power and density of cut or expanded tobacco as well as of hardness of cigarettes and filter rods.

The instrument is also available in multiple configurations to fulfill local needs such as a version to cover the Chinese standard requirements for measurement head diameter, cylinder diameter and height and applied compression force and speed.

The D61A2 offers new opportunities like the direct connection no your LIMS system and the corresponding environment like a balance or a printer. To enhance data security and tractability a bar-code is available.

The measuring heads for filling power determination of tobacco and hardness determination of filter rods and cigarettes are easily interchangeable to support the flexibility of the D61A2.

Equipped with a modern control system, the D61A2 combines maximal user friendliness via touch screen and latest technical features for a state of the art high quality measurement device.

Additional information to this instrument is provided in our download section.

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