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Burghart Crease Tester CTB-02

The Burghart Crease Tester CTB-02 was developed for fast, precise testing of restoring forces of the tongues in packaging cut outs.

The strength, production direction and moisture of the paper influence the restoring forces of the groove slit at the individual tongues of the packaging cut out.

Given the increasing production speed of todays packaging machines - and the resulting shorter curing time for glued surfaces of the packaging - this test can permit time lead prevention of production stoppages and loss in quality by the packaging springing open. 

The CTB-02 is designed for all commercially available packaging blanks of boxes for 10 to 25 cigarettes. The corresponding dimensions of a blank can be adjusted quickly by using prepared setting plates. Special formats, such as round corner packs, pillow packs or beveled edge packs can be measured as well.

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