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IGM Inert Gas Module for combustion studies of Tobacco Heating Systems

Reduced Risk Products are more and more in focus of the traditional tobacco manufacturers. Especially tobacco heating systems are promising. Borgwaldt KC, the leading manufacturer of QA/QC instruments and test devices for the tobacco and vapor industry is very ambitioned to meet the need of the individual customers.

With the introduction of our Inert Gas Module (IGM) we give the user the possibility to study the impact of the absence of oxygen of the collected total particulate matter as well as the impact on the gas phase constituents e.g. nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide when puffing heated tobacco products. The modulet can be flushed continuously with an inert gas e.g. nitrogen to supersede any oxygen and therewith to avoid any combustion effect. Having this opportunity a direct comparison of the constituents and their concentrations between regularly puffed and IGM puffed heated tobacco products will give a strong indication that the tested product did not undergo a combustion or pyrolysis process and demonstrates that the aerosol generated is formed principally by vaporization of an aerosol former, water and some tobacco constituents.

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