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Air Permeability Tester A20

Borgwaldt KC's A20 is a tabletop unit for the measurement of air permeability of standard cigarette paper, banded paper, tipping paper and plug-wrap paper.

The instrument is in compliance to ISO 2965 and can be used as a test equipment according to ISO 9000ff. Ideal for production monitoring and incoming material inspection.

The measuring range from 2 - 50.000 ml/min completely covers the range of commonly used papers. As a special feature the A20 is equipped with interchangeable LFE units. Consequently, the instrument can be ordered with LFEs covering the desired measuring range.

Beside the standard Measuring head 10 x 20 mm other measuring heads are available as an option.

Another option is the automatic paper tractor.

Additional information to this instrument is provided in our download section.

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