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Hardness Tester H10

A member of the new family of desk top instruments to measure physical parameters on cigarettes, cigars and filter rods is the Hardness Tester H10.

This new generation of standalone instruments is designed to accommodate cigarettes, filter rods and machine made cigars with a length between 58 and 150 mm and diameters ranging from 5 to 10 mm. The entire family uses the same basic unit, while only the measuring module differs from instrument type to instrument type.

The instruments are equipped with a hopper offering a capacity of approx. 250 samples. The samples are separated automatically from the hopper and transported to the measurement position by a linear drive. Precise positioning of the sample in the measuring unit is therefore possible. After measurement the samples are transported to a 2-way sorting device. The instruments support single or group measurements.

The machines are controlled via touch screen PC and offer USB port and Ethernet connection for fast and easy data transmission and handling.

Some facts about Hardness Test H 10:

  • Hardness measurement of Cigarettes and filter rods
  • Load weight: 50 – 350 mg
  • Load Duration: 2 to 60 seconds
  • Measurement principle : Borgwaldt, Filtrona, Sodim or customized
  • Up to 10 measuring point per sample

Additional information to this instrument is provided in our download section.

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