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Moisture Tester M10

The M10 is specifically designed to measure the moisture of individual filter rods, cigarettes and industry manufactured cigars using a ring-shaped non destructive microwave resonance technique. The profile measurements are done in steps which are selectable by the user from a specimen length of 58mm to 150 mm. The M10 offers therewith a highly flexible “moisture and more” measurement platform. With its flexible sample hopper the M10 offers the measurement of a wide range of product diameters from 4,5 mm to 8,5 mm just by simple exchange of the sample drums.

At the heart of the M10 is the ring-shaped microwave resonator and a touch screen monitor user interface module that remains constant, irrelevant of the measurement (moisture or profiles) or the type of product being measured. Data configuration is as simple as a click of the menu to switch between the different options.

The interface is a fully featured graphical user interface with network and printer connection configurations, local and central database storage and user access controls.

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