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Instruments | 2019/07/02

New Release of the enhanced rotary smoking machine RM20H2

We believe in continuous progress as key to success. Therefore we have enhanced our well accepted smoking machine RM20H for special analytes collection

The new smoking machine RM20H2 unites flexible trapping arrangements with minimized dead volumes using a standard rotary smoking system to support the range of mainstream trapping systems needed for determination of special compounds in the cigarette smoke.

The rotary smoking principle provides the most efficient platform for the collection of mainstream smoke particulates, gas phase and subsequent analysis. The smoking machine RM20H2 meets the requirements of ISO 3308 and ISO 20778. It is not only suitable for routine smoking according to ISO 4387 and ISO 8454 and its intense smoking equivalents, but it also allows for smoking of FCSA’s according to ISO 15592-3. In addition to the ISO smoke regimes the conditions of the Massachusetts and Health Canada methods are considered.

By accommodating various trapping systems such as impingers, Cambridge filters and electrostatic precipitation the RM20H2 is a versatile instrument ideal for research & development as well as for special applications.

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