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Instruments | 2019/05/27

A50: New cooperation on paper diffusivity measurement instruments

Borgwaldt announces discontinuation of its diffusivity tester A50, but will continue to meet all obligations concerning supply of spare parts and consumables. The maintenance, service and technical support of A50 instruments in the market also remains untouched

Starting from June 1st, 2019 Borgwaldt will be glad to offer you SODISTAR for paper diffusivity measurements. This instrument, designed and manufactured by our French sister company Sodim SAS incorporates camera assisted sample positioning and precision measurement in compliance to CORESTA recommended method CRM 77 including automatic calibration function.  

SODISTAR is a completely modernized and flexible paper diffusivity meter which can accurately predict cigarette burn rates by measuring the gas diffusion capacity of cigarette paper when CO2 diffuses through it. The instrument will also measures the printed bands of LIP paper typically used for self-extinguishing cigarettes.   SODISTAR can also ensure that burn rates for LIP paper are in line with international regulatory restrictions. Traditional methods for measuring paper porosity provide accurate air permeability readings, however they are not precise enough to predict cigarette burn rates.    

For further information regarding SODISTAR, or paper diffusivity measurements, please contact your personal customer consultant or send us a mail to:Opens window for sending emailbkc@borgwaldt.com

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