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Instruments | 2019/05/02

BT Oven F21: New Integrated Control System

Within BKC’s continuous improvement process of bringing its instruments on the latest level of technology the next step was made by exchange of the control unit of the BT Oven F21 onto a touchscreen PC operation with industrial control technology.

Borgwaldt KC made another step within the process of bringing established instruments onto a state of the art technical level. After successful implementation of an industrial touchscreen PC in the Densimeter D61A2 for Group Hardness Determination or Filling Power Measurement and the Air Permeability Meter A20 we now successfully transferred this upgrade also for the BT Oven F21.  

The BT Oven F21 is designed for the accurate and reproducible determination of the moisture content in tobacco. The device applies a drying cabinet method with a hot air stream and is therefore a direct measurement method based on the weight difference between a wet and dried sample. It is intended to be used to quickly and automatically determine the moisture in larger quantities of tobacco (up to 200g). Drying time and temperature can be selected and adjusted by the operator. A further option is the use of an optimized measuring procedure, where the drying time depends on the moisture of the sample. This option uses the reachable constant difference between the temperatures before and after the tobacco sample for terminating the drying process. Data can be transmitted online to the user’s data management system.  

The BT Oven F21 is built to determine the moisture of tobacco samples like Cut filler, Blended strips, Cut rag, Leaf tobacco and stems but also for finished goods like cigarettes or snus and as a reference instrument for other moisture measurements based on different techniques like micro waves or halogen dryers.

For further information regarding the BT Oven F21 or moisture measurements, please contact your personal customer consultant or send us an Opens window for sending emailmailto:bkc@borgwaldt.com

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