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Company | 2015/08/10

Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH now certified according to DIN EN ISO 22000:2005

DIN EN ISO 22000 is the international standardized management system of the food industry. Producers of food and food packing material who have this certification contribute to food safety within the supply chain.   Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH is pleased to announce that it has received the DIN ...more

Company | 2015/08/10

Successful surveillance audit of calibration laboratory

In March 2015, the physical laboratory at Borgwaldt KC GmbH passed another DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 audit by the German Accreditation Service (DAkkS). Borgwaldt KC has provided calibration services to their customers for decades. Since 2006, Borgwaldt has performed calibrations of pressure drop ...more

Instruments | 2014/12/16

A New Generation

Borgwaldt KC is proud to announce that the latest generation of rotary smoking machines is now ready for global release. ...more

Instruments | 2014/12/16

An extremely effective automation solution: The new Automatic Sampling Picker (ASP)

As manufacturing needs continue to move towards more consistent, efficient, quicker processes more timely, better informed decision making is crucial. And this decision making is reliant on the quality of the data being supplied to achieving the most from this lean environment. ...more

Instruments | 2014/12/16

Full Steam Ahead

The vapor market is enormously and rapidly growing but tomorrow’s vapor industry will be faced with regulations related to e-cigarette and other heat not burn product emissions. ...more

Instruments | 2014/05/05

Not only a “face-lift”

We are proud to announce that we have successfully rejuvenated our well known density and hardness test devices of the DD60A and D37A series. The succeeding models D61 and H37 are now ready for the market and are immediately available for replacement. ...more

Instruments | 2014/05/05

The new D61

Like the established DD60A the new D61 can be equipped with measuring heads for determination of tobacco filling power as well as hardness of cigarettes or filter rods. The instrument is also available in a version to cover the Chinese standard requirements for density and filling capacity ...more

Instruments | 2014/04/07

New in Borgwaldt KC’s portfolio – OMI-FLEX test station

Flexibility and efficiency are key in today’s modern manufacturing environment. They are drivers to reducing cost, improving quality and ultimately value to the end user. It is these very principles that are at the heart of the new OMI-FLEX test station. ...more

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