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Today We offer first-class solutions for all sectors of the tobacco industry, whatever your problems and products may be. With tradition and exacting standards of quality. Aromas and technical components that ensure that your tobacco products are what they are supposed to be: inimitable. True to our motto: Inspiring tobacco.
2013 The Borgwaldt Group becomes a new member of Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH, whereat the single companies of the Borgwald Group remain separate legal entities. The complementary strengths of Borgwaldt and Hauni offer great potential in the search for new innovative customer solutions.
2005 The company assumes 100% ownership of KC Automation, which is renamed Borgwaldt KC, Inc. In this manner, Borgwaldt KC improves its position internationally even more. The Hamburg-based company Borgwaldt Technik GmbH is renamed Borgwaldt KC GmbH.
1999 To furhter expand its engineering divison, Heinr. Borgwaldt GmbH acquires a participating interest in the company KC Automation Inc., Virginia/USA. The German company profits from the Americans' know-how and increasingly focuses on systems, machines and apparatus for the tobacco industry.
1995 To do justice to the demands of the tobacco industry, the company undergoes reorganization. The areas Aromas and Equipment are spun off into two separate divisions: Borgwaldt Flavor and Borgwaldt Technik.
1990 KG-ASL-Analytik Service Labor GmbH & Co. is founded in the 90s as a means of permanently ensuring the quality of aromas and engineering. The objective: High-quality analysis for as many segements of the tobacco industry as possible.
From 1950 Heinr. Borgwaldt GmbH becomes increasingly involved in research and development. Additives become more and more important to the tobacco industry. The company revamps its business policy and develops aromas and instruments to improve production and set new standards of quality.
1930s The head office relocates to Hamburg. During the 30s, the main focus is still on trade - it is only after the Second World War that heinr. Borgwaldt changes his business model and begins working with aromas.
1867 Heinrich Borgwaldt founded the company in Lübeck. It initially specialized in wholesale trade but in order to profit from the flourishing trade in Hamburg, the enterprise moved to the Hanseatic City on the Elbe in the 1930s.

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