Tradition with foresight

Borgwaldt KC

Tradition with foresight

It has been our passion for over a century to provide the best solutions for our customers. True to the motto, anchored in Hamburg but at home in the world, we are an established partner of the international tobacco and vaping industry.

As a traditional Hamburg company, we have more than 150 years of experience in the manufacture of smoking machines, smoke analysis devices and other highly specialized laboratory equipment. We offer our customers the appropriate products for all areas: from research and development through incoming goods inspection to smoke analysis and production control.

Our history


Company founded by Heinrich Borgwaldt

Heinrich Borgwaldt founded the company in Lübeck. Initially, it specialized in wholesale trade, but in order to profit from the flourishing trade in Hamburg the company moved to the Hanseatic City by the Elbe in the 1930s.


Move to Hamburg

The company moves its headquarters to Hamburg. In the 1930s, the main focus is still on trade. It is not until after the Second World War that Heinrich Borgwaldt changes his business model and starts working with flavors.


Pioneering new standards

Heinr. Borgwaldt GmbH is increasingly involved in research and development. Additives are becoming more and more important in the tobacco industry. The company realigns its business policy and develops flavors and instruments to improve production and set new quality standards.



The company is restructured in order to meet the needs of the tobacco industry. The flavor and equipment sectors are spun off into two separate business areas: Borgwaldt Flavor and Borgwaldt Technology.


Expanding areas of expertise

To further expand its engineering division, Heinr. Borgwaldt GmbH acquires a stake in KC Automation Inc. in Virginia, USA. The German company benefits from the know-how of the Americans and focuses increasingly on equipment, machines and apparatuses for the tobacco industry.


International business growing rapidly

The company acquires 100% of the shares in KC Automation, which is renamed Borgwaldt KC, Inc. This enables Borgwaldt KC to consolidate its international position even further. The Hamburg company Borgwaldt Technik GmbH is renamed Borgwaldt KC GmbH.


Part of a strong network

The Borgwaldt Group becomes a new member of Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH, while the individual companies in the Borgwaldt Group remain independent legal entities. The complementary strengths of Borgwaldt and Hauni offer great potential in the search for new innovative customer solutions.


We offer first-class solutions for all sectors of the tobacco industry, regardless of what problems and products you may have. With well-established tradition and high-quality standards. Flavors and technical components that ensure your tobacco products are what they should be: inimitable and unique. In keeping with our motto: inspiring tobacco.

Certified expertise

We incorporate our many years of experience through very active participation in committees for DIN and ISO standards as well as by being involved with "CORESTA", which deals with scientific topics related to cigarettes. This knowledge enables us to give you the very best advice based on your requirements.

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