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Instruments | 11.04.2016

New unique Modular Smoking Machine Series

Permanent changes and new regulations make measurement instruments essential items for manufacturers and suppliers within the tobacco industry. Borgwaldt KC developed a unique smoking machine series which does not only fulfill these challenges but also reflects the individual requirements of our customers.

The Modular Smoking Machine Series is conceived as tabletop instruments for smoke condensate collection of conventional cigarettes and cigars as well as for aerosol trapping of all kinds of vaporizers and can be integrated into existing smoke laboratory environments.

The center piece of the modular smoking machine series is the precise and robust piston pump PM1 with an integrated control unit. It is connectable to all following application modules:

LM4C cigar module
LM4E vaporizer module linear
RM8E vaporizer module rotary
LM2 cigarette module linear
RM20M cigarette module rotary
iVM in vitro testing module

The PM1 is controlled via a touch screen interface. It can be easily connected to the different application modules of the modular smoking machine series. Depending on the connected module the installed software is used to register samples, to run the analysis, to display results and finally to create trend charts. An integrated Ethernet interface serves to transmit the measured values to an external PC.

The cigar module LM4C consist of 4 CRM conform sample holders, air flow directors, an ashtray and the approved butt length detection system, all enclosed in a CRM conform and transparent exhaust box. Up to 4 cigars can be smoked in parallel per run.

For all kind of vaporizers, Borgwaldt KC offers the linear module LM4E and the rotary instrument RM8E. The LM4E is able to run 4 samples in parallel. Puffing parameters are freely selectable as well as the position of the sample which is adjustable to any angle from horizontal to vertical. The free adjustable sample supporter keeps the specimen in the right direction. The LM4E collects aerosol from any kind of e-cigarette.

The conceptual design of the rotary module RM8E opens the user the collection of either the total aerosol of 8 vaporizers on one trap (e.g. Cambridge Filer) or the single aerosol collection on the 8 individual filter holders. It includes the sample supporter to keep the sample in the favored position and a bottom activator. Aerosol detectors are optional available for both types.

For all conventional cigarettes Borgwaldt KC developed as well a linear and rotary system. The linear module LM2 is designed to smoke conventional cigarettes under ISO and intense conditions. The instrument fulfills all requirements of ISO 3308. It is airflow controlled and allows the usage of all common trapping systems like CFP, Impinger, Electrostatic Precipitation and gas collection. This linear cigarette module is also available as 1 port version LM1 and as 4 port version LM4.

The RM20M module is a simplified manual rotary smoking application. It allows smoking up to 20 cigarettes in one run while collecting the condensate on one Cambridge filter or any other trapping system. For sure a gas collection bag can be connected to the system. Borgwaldt’s well known but length detection system is included.

In collaboration with CULTEX® Laboratories, Borgwaldt KC offers the iVM an in vitro testing module. This well known cell exposure system was adjusted to allow the direct connection to all modules of the Modular Smoking Machine series. It allows the user to carry out toxicological assessments related to combustible tobacco products as well as to aerosols from any vaporizers.

We have aroused your interest on this new unique Modular Smoking Machine series? Then contact your personal customer consultant at Borgwaldt KC or send us an Opens window for sending emaile-mail for more and detailed information.

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