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Instruments | 11.04.2016

LM4C – the flexible solution for cigar and cigarillo smoke analysis

As part of the development of the first modular smoking machine series, we are pleased to launch our linear cigar smoking module - the LM4C - onto the market.

We have designed this smoking machine as a compact table-top module so that you can perform highly efficient smoke analyses flexibly in a very small space. Of course, the specifications outlined in the CORESTA Recommended Methods (CRMs) Nos. 64, 65, 66 & 67 have been fully incorporated in its design.
The LM4C allows the user to analyze 4 specimens simultaneously according to CRM specifications or individually selectable smoke parameters. Individually selectable smoke channels also make it particularly easy to use. A wide selection of cigar holders corresponding to the different specimen diameters is available. Likewise, all common smoke trap systems such as CFP, impingers or electrostatic traps can be used.

Automatic end point determination by our proven BLC technology is also available as an option. Connection of either a gas collection bag for determining CO/CO2 content or an NO/NOx analyzer is equally possible. The existing USB2 and Ethernet ports and an RS232 interface can be used to connect directly to the LIMS system of the user.

As an option, we offer a combinable diameter measuring unit for this table-top unit to make it easier to select the right cigar holder.

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