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Instruments | 23.05.2019

Lip Can: delfort – Tervakoski`s alternative substrate paper for ignition propensity testing- now available

We are pleased to inform you that “Lip Can”, a paper designed specifically for the testing of Fire Standard Compliant (FSC) cigarettes, showed no statistically significant difference from the results obtained on Whatman No. 2 IP filter paper in an international study carried out within CORESTA on behalf of ISO.

The intention was to qualify alternative paper substrates in comparison with Whatman No. 2 paper regarding their performance in the ignition propensity test according to ISO12863.  

18 study participants tested 3 test specimens (CM IP 2, NIST, Test Cigarette TP 1.0) using 4 paper substrates, including Whatman No. 2 and Lip Can, with 5 replicates of 40 cigarettes for each cigarette/substrate combination.  

It was found that Lip Can showed

  • no significant deviations from Whatman No. 2
  • a repeatability in agreement with ISO 12863 and a reproducibility higher than ISO 12863.  

The study report is available in the download section of the CORESTA website.  

Lip Can, developed by the company Tervakoski Oy from delfort, located in Finland, meets the requirements of the test method ISO 12863 and provides a real alternative to Whatman No. 2 filter paper.  

Lip Can`s innovative packaging contains 980 round sheets tabbed into 10 sheet units facilitating the working procedure by eliminating the necessity of counting the sheets individually.  

Lip Can is an ideal supplement for the semi-automated ignition propensity tester Borgwaldt IP10 but for any manual test apparatus also.  

As distributor, Borgwaldt KC will be pleased to provide you with more information about Lip Can.  

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