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Integrated NO / NOx- Analyzer for rotary smoking machines available.  

Several of the nitric oxide compounds are toxic components of cigarette smoke. In that aspect it has been an essential element in the determination of smoke analysis. Although the analysis has initially been an element of the product development, at the present day it is increasingly integrated in the routine analysis.

Borgwaldt KC, in collaboration with a leading analyzer-manufacturer and several partner laboratories, has developed a NO/NOx-analysis system.

The analysis system functions without additional smoke treatments such as dilutors or dosing units. It offers the option to determine the NO- and NOx amount in the mainstream smoke for each individual puff, each cigarette or the complete smoke run. The results are displayed in mg per puff, cigarette or run.

As a logical expansion of the product portfolio the rotary smoke machines RM20M, RM20H2, RM200A2 and RM400A2 are initially available with this option. The RM20H2, RM200A2 and RM400A2 are equipped with an integrated module while the desk top model RM20M features an external solution.

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