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Rotary Smoking Machine RM400A2

The smoking machine RM400A2 is a fully automatic 20 port rotary smoking machine which offers the possibility to double the quantity of cigarettes smoked to 400 sticks per machine run. It is designed to support routine smoking for determination of nicotine, tar and CO and optional NOx as well as to increase the efficiency when smoking under intense conditions. The rotary smoking principle provides the most efficient platform for the collection of mainstream particulates and the gas phase.  

The smoking machine RM400A2 meets the requirements of ISO 3308. It is not only suitable for routine smoking according to ISO 4387 and ISO 8454; it also allows smoking of Fine Cut Smoking Articles (FCSA's) according to ISO 15592-3. And in addition to the ISO smoke regime, the conditions of the Massachusetts and Canada Intense methods are also met and pre-installed.  

The automatic handling of filter traps and cigarette cassettes as well as the integrated scale and the fully automated performance of the smoke runs from cigarette loading to butt extraction enables the machine to perform 20 consecutive smoke runs without any operator interference. Optionally all kind of alternative trapping systems like liquid traps and electrostatic traps can be connected to the machine as well.  

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